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I have been an avid reader from birth. I have read it all: the stories so good they give you a bliss hangover to books so bad you’re still kicking yourself for taking the time to finish. You hoped it would get better, and it didn’t. I can pick out a good story within a few chapters, but I find nothing more frustrating than seeing what could have been an epic tale get lost in its own pages.

Several years ago, I started writing my own novels and editing for my mom. Mom is a published nonfiction author, editor, and transformational coach. So not only does she edit for me and talk me through plot holes or storyline issues, she explains why something works or doesn’t. Her expertise has been invaluable to me as a writer.

When I helped edit Mom’s book on nonfiction writing, I got a clear understanding of what makes composition good and how to create it. Then I got to pick her brain about how her nonfiction concepts relate to fiction. I took what I learned and married the two styles. It made me a better fiction writer and editor.

When I’m not playing with words, you can find me in the kitchen, singing and/or dancing while licking the bowl after baking cookies. Probably wearing yoga pants. And wrangling my sassy 5-year-old daughter.

I love pizza. I’m an admitted TV and movie addict. I adore historical dramas. I drool over the fabulous dresses and men in cravats. Here’s looking at you Darcy. I have a profound weakness for alternative boy bands. I’m proud to confess I can eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. Although I'm not fond of lasagna, Garfield is my spirit animal. Unashamed DISNEY FANATIC! #disneyforever

Oh, and I hate doing the dishes. But I’d love to work with you.

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